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Pathshare Professional

Pathahare Professional is directed to companies that want to leverage the power of realtime data and take their business into the digital age.

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  • Native mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Dashboard with realtime data, geofencing and analytics
  • Support for end-to-end processes with integrations
  • White-labeled customer mobile web view in order to strengthen your brand visibility


Pathshare – Realtime location sharing is available for your iPhone or your Android device and it even runs in your web browser. Share your path with your friends, family, colleagues or customers with a simple touch on the screen.

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  • Share your location in realtime
  • Control the time your location will be shared
  • Create group sessions
  • Let your friends see your location within a web browser even if they don't have the app installed
  • Stop sharing at any time
  • Available for iPhone and Android

More information on our Pathshare product website and on the Pathshare Blog.

Marketing app is up and running with it's first customers. We will keep you posted.

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